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Ladybug Festival Profile: Danielia Cotton

Danielia Cotton, with her soulful-jazzy blend of Rock, has come a long way since her humble beginnings in Hopewell, NJ. She is the proud daughter of a hard-working, single mother, who gave Danielia her first guitar at the age of twelve years old. In turn, Daniela made her mother more than proud when Danielia’s voice won her a full scholarship to Bennington College. She then went on to study her final year in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

“Even today, I still continue to learn,” says Cotton, “For example, vocabulary is so important to a writer. If you keep learning, you keep growing.”

Danielia Cotton released her first home-inspired album in the year 2007. ‘Small White Town’, told the story of her personal experience being a bi-racial minority while growing up.

“I have a sixteen-month-old daughter now, and little did I know, I’ve been paving the way for her and others all this time,” says Cotton, who is, herself, bi-racial and in a committed bi-racial relationship.

In 2008, her second album, ‘Rare Child’, scored a monumental feat within its first week. ‘Rare Child’ earned a hot spot on the ‘Top 10 List’ for iTunes ‘Most Downloaded’.

“It’s hard for labels and radio because I don’t fit into a simple box… But there’s a new generation that needs constant stimulation. I’ve got to keep ahead of even myself,” says Cotton.

Nevertheless, it became clear in 2009 that Danielia and her music career were undoubtedly on the right path. The EP release of Live Child won her an Independent Music Award for ‘Best Live Album’.

As we skip ahead into 2017, it was the album, ‘The Mystery Me’, that had everyone talking. It was featured in the highly revered New York Times ‘Music Review’.

But it’s the anticipated October 2019, release of ‘A Different War’, that is expected to, hopefully, bridge some pretty big gaps—And it is much needed.

“There’s this race problem going on… When I wrote this, (A Different War), I asked my partner, who is white, to read the lyrics to see if it was offensive. He said, ‘no’, which was exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to achieve a song like Marvin Gaye’s ‘Mama, Mama’ where it’s a bi-racial song… Any race can sing it. You see, we’re are all different. And so many people of today need to hear that,” says Cotton, who wants to be able to discuss this serious topic without alienating anyone.

The socially conscious and outstanding, Danielia Cotton, had been seen on many stages performing her angelic-rock sounds. She has opened up for artists like the fantastic- Derek Trucks, legendary- B.B. King, New Jersey natives- Bon Jovi, and several other duly-noted hard-hitters. 

Danielia is eager to be part of the Ladybug Music Festival, a platform female artists since 2012.

“Women are extraordinary!” Cotton boasts, “It is definitely the year of women!”

Danielia Cotton will be gracing the Milford Ladybug Music Festival on Saturday, September 21st, headlining the Gallery 37 stage at 6:00pm, located at 8 S. Walnut St.

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