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Goldey-Beacom resets tuition by cutting it in half, ending discount

Goldey Beacom College has slashed fall tuition to $12,570.
Goldey Beacom College has slashed fall tuition to $12,570.

Goldey-Beacom College announced Monday that it’s resetting its undergraduate tuition for the fall of 2021, cutting it in half to $12,750.

The current tuition is listed as $25,500.

“The college has discounted tuition for several years, but this new initiative will keep tuition simple,” a press release from the school said. “It will keep it honest. It will make it permanent.”

In fall 2014,  Goldey-Beacom announced an Affordability Assurance Award, which reduced tuition by slightly more than half for all undergraduate students, saying it would make a college degree more financially attainable.

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The school had been charging $850 per credit hour, or $25,500 for 30 credits, and will now charge $425 per credit hour, or $12,750 for 30 credits.

The move will add clarity to what the school charges, not reflect additional savings for the students, the press release emphasizes.

“Originally, we stated our true tuition but then discounted that amount significantly, for every student, for every year, for seven years. It is now time we call tuition what it really is and simplify the process,” said Dr. Colleen Perry Keith, the school’s president. “As other colleges continue to ‘go high’ with tuition increases each year, offset with tuition discounts of varying amounts, we now choose to ‘go low’ and state our true cost up front …

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“Lowering our actual tuition is a big move, but we are ready to make this commitment, and we are proud to do it.”

For current students, the tuition cut will not change their bottom line, which already reflected the Affordability Assurance Award.   

Founded in 1886, Goldey-Beacom is located in Pike Creek and has about 1,800 students enrolled from 22 states and more than 60 nations. The college offers 41 degree options in its graduate and undergraduate programs with majors in psychology, economics, criminal justice, communication & media, human services, English and all areas of business including accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship and finance.

Recent program additions include the doctor of business administration program, which started in fall 2018.